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    Before we founded »UMBRELLA PINE« we managed the independent publishing house »NBVD« in Germany. We were involved in many different print and online projects, for example in these:

    ☞ One of our own long-term and still favorite projects! We have started the renowned yearbook & online platform for selected German photographers in 2008. With »UMBRELLA PINE« we are now continuing the project to push it – step by step – to the next level.

    ☞ For more than 10 years we have presented a fine selection of the best brand, design, digital and advertising agencies from all over Germany – printed and online. During this time we have realized 10 hardcover annuals with countless creative portraits!

    ☞ We have initiated THE „regional“ annual & online platform for agencies & studios (advertising, design, branding, digital), freelance creatives, illustrators, photographers etc. from Hamburg, Germany. During one decade we have published 10 extensive yearbooks.

    ☞ Special interest: A high quality book publication focusing on the emotional side of Loetz glass and the relationship between collector and collection. Our contribution: consulting, conception, design development, final artwork, print support …

    ☞ The multiple-awarded editions from the EIGA Design Trend Diary series deal with current trend topics, typography and design. We have published the popular issues „Think Green!“, „Play! Design for Kids“, „Eat! Design with Food“, „Values!“ and „New Move!“.

    ☞ We have published the extraordinary art book containing all photographs of Elias Wessel’s project with the transgender superstar Amanda Lepore, aptly conceptualised as a children cardboard picture-book in collaboration with book designer Philipp Hubert.

    ☞ Typoversity presents outstanding typographic student projects and gives insights into current teaching at universities in the form of interviews. We have realized two issues as publishers. Our contribution: consulting, strategy, print support, sales, public relations …

    ☞ A book project (print version + eBook) that deals with self-marketing and brand development in communication design. Awarded by the Type Director’s Club New York. Our parts: consulting, strategy, print support, sales, public relations …

    and more …

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